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Helping You Communicate Your Best in a World of Words 

Communications Built on Caring

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 Built on one man’s experience writing, editing, & leading collective impact.

Centered on helping others communicate well.

Committed to making life better for others


01 Writing

Kortabocker helps your written communication connect with your audience. Making words work for good is what we do. Let us help you unlock your message for your audience.

02 Editing

Everyone needs an editor. There’s proofing for details, and there’s structuring for impact. Give us something you’ve written and let us help you make it pop. 

03 Leadership

The best leaders promote collaborative effort toward common goals, and communication is a key to effective leadership. Invite us to help your team become more effective through collective impact.



Meet the Founder

Kortabocker is rooted in the experience of its founder, Ferrell Foster, who has spent years as a professional communicator — newspaper reporter, magazine writer, editor, public relations professional, minister, nonprofit manager, global development funder, and collective impact leader. Kortabocker is headquartered in Waco, Texas, but has a global reach using the power of words to inspire, enlighten, and entertain. Kortabocker promotes effective communication toward the goal of a better world.




Let’s Work Together

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